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Radio Interview with Ellen from A Kind Voice on Books

In a radio interview with blog radio station A Kind Voice on Books, I share some of my personal journey in my writing career and some tidbits on publishing in the world today.

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How do you know if you’ve got potential or even raw talent?

“Unless you live in a cave, you’ve heard of American Idol.” That was a recent comment made by a morning news anchors prior to a clip about the latest American Idol poll.

I don’t profess to living in a cave, although if you’ve seen my office you might suggest I should, and the more isolated the better. But, seriously, she’s right. I love music, but I rarely watch the show. But I will admit to talent envy because I couldn’t sing my way out of a shower.

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Taking Risks

On my son’s 21st birthday, he celebrated by taking his first parachute jump. I can assure you this was not the way I wanted him to celebrate his birthday, and I was a nervous wreck and mad as all get out. When I graduated from high school, I celebrated with a trip to the Boston and New York area with two friends. The exciting part of the trip was that we didn’t have a clue where we were staying (of course, our parents didn’t know that), and spent one night in a men’s dorm at Yale and one night crashed on the floor of some young musician’s home that we had met on the street.

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The first day of the new year is already fading and my holidays are, at best, a wonderful memory, save for the storage tubs of decorations that still need put away.

By now, many of you may already have broken those resolutions that were made with such sincerity not that long ago. For me, I’ve found the best solution is to not make resolutions in the first place – no room for self—recrimination, guilt, or feelings of failure later on. Of course, the year still begins with my own personal challenges – lose weight, exercise more, clean out the toxic dump I call my office, blah, blah, blah. But resolutions? No. Which might explain why I’m overweight, haven’t walked as much as I should, and do most of my writing in a space that could tie for first in the “world’s messiest office” contest.

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What is a Rambling?

I was Regional Advisor for the Northern Ohio SCBWI back in the "olden days" before Facebook and blogs were the way to communicate. As a way to share my thoughts, I posted a number of RA Ramblings on the Northern Ohio website. Some of them are included here.

I hope you gain even a small nugget of wisdom from some of my rambling thoughts.

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